My Side of the Story

I currently have two tattoos. My first tattoo is a claddagh. This is a very important symbol to my family. I am very Irish and we are all very proud of it. When I was younger, my grandma bought me my first claddagh ring. The ring consist of hands, a heart and a crown. It symbolizes friendship (hands), love (heart), and loyalty (crown). You wear the ring with the heart facing towards you if you are taken, and out if you are available. I got this tattoo on my left hiScreenshot_2015-02-17-15-14-42-1-1p, because that is the easiest place to hide it during important days such as job interviews, or ceremonies. My favorite of the two tattoos, is the one I had just recently gotten this past fall. The tattoo is made up of the side view of an angel wings, and the numbers “14324” below it. This tattoo was for my grandma, who I am very close to. She had always called me ‘her little angel’ which is what the angel wing symbolizes. The numbers symbolize a secret code between my grandma and I. When I was younger, my grandma had always wrote 143 at the end of all of my cousin and I’s birthday cards and such. The 143 means “I love you” because their is one letter in ‘I’, four letters in ‘love’ and so on. Over the years, my older cousins each added numbers onto the 143, making their secret code special. As I grew older, I added the numbers “24” to mine. The 24 convert to ‘so much’. So my final secret code to my grandma was 14324, converting to “I love you so much.” I got this tattoo on my ribs, because then my grandma will always be by my side. My tattoos mean a lot to me and I do not regret them one bit. They represent who I am.

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What’s Your Pain Tolerance?

The first question many people get when showing off their new tattoo is, “Was it painful?” Of course it is painful to have needles repeatedly punctured into your skin. But how painful is it? And what do most compare the pain of a tattoo to? Pain depends on a variety of things like placement, shading, details, and how easily you can handle pain.

The most important factor that depends on how painful a tattoo will be is your PAIN TOLERANCE. If you have broken bones before, and just shook it off, you have a high pain tolerance and getting a tattoo should be no problem. If you are someone who faints at the thought of getting a shot at the doctor’s office, you have a low pain tolerance. You should also reconsider your decision of getting a tattoo.

The secondTattoo-Pain most important factor that goes into the pain of a tattoo is PLACEMENT. The place on your body you decide to get your tattoo will either ease the pain, or add more to the pain. The most painful places to get tattooed are spots on your body are the places where there isn’t much space between skin and bones. Places like your knees, elbows, hands, feet, hips, and ribs. Places that are also more painful, are the sensitive areas on your body like your neck and face. The least painful places to go are the squishy areas on your body, like your arms and calves.

More factors that go into the pain of a tattoo are how much OUTLINING your tattoo requires, and the DETAILS. The most painful part of a tattoo is the black outline. The shading portion of the tattoo is a lot easier to get through. This is because the artist uses more needles in their machine to shade, and less needles to outline. If your tattoo is more detailed, it will require more outlining and precision.

What do people respond with “WHAT DOES A TATTOO FEEL LIKE?”

“I would say that it feels more like a cat scratching repeatedly in one spot.”

“Its always the start that is th worst… ’cause you don’t know what to expect. But once they’ve started, I was like, oh I can handle this!

“The first sensation is like a little cat scratch, then it starts hurting more, kind of like a needle dragging across your skin, and then like a black fly bite. They stop every few seconds to refill the ink. So it’s not constant. Its bearable.”

When I got mine done, the outline felt like I was sunburned and someone was scratching my back. And getting it filled in felt like someone was running a hot needle across my skin. Its uncomfortable, but not unbearable.”
-Caytlyn S.




Swallows and Daggers

TRADITIONAL STYLE tattoos can be traced back all the way to the 1700’s, but it wasn’t until the 1900’s traditional tattoos emerged into the western world. These particular tattoos originated with sailors, getting tattoos to symbolize their experiences and achievements, and to represent themselves. Traditional tattoos originate to a particular sailor, named Sailor Jerry. Throughout the years, the traditional style was broken up into old school style and transformed into new school style.

OLD SCHOOL TRADITIONAL STYLE tattoos use bold and bright colors with black bold outlines. e9f01d0fb6087d1c2a49eaba618717abThe most common old school tattoos are anchors,eagles, daggers, roses, pin ups,and many more. Each of these tattoos symbolize something different. A person with an anchor tattoo commonly means that person achieved the rank of Boatswain or Chief. While swallows represent each increment of 5,000 miles sailed.When you see someone with a golden dragon, it means the sailor has crossed the International Date Line.8e2976f6df359fff6d3a1784094a07e6 These tattoos are also commonly paired with flash tattoos. Flash tattoos are quick, small tattoos grouped on one page together. Many people will get a bunch of these small flash tattoos, to make a collage on their arm or any other part of their body.

NEW SCHOOL TRADITIONAL STYLE tattoos emerged in the 1970’s. Also known as neo traditional, these tattoos are different from old school style by the way the tattoo artist use bold and vivid colors. Like old style, new school is also associated with flash tattoos as well. They also useSebastianWeb-Ready heavy bold outlines. This new school style of tattooing can be describes as to being similar to cartoons, or graffiti art. The tattoo artist exaggerate the subject, making it not as realistic as the old style. New school traditional veers away from a traditional tattoo in the way of the unique ideas and freestyle used in the individual tattoos.



Old school swallow on the left, new school swallow on the right


Old school dagger on the left, new school dagger on the right