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Ink Master

ink-masterA new and emerging TV show called THE INK MASTER has been very popular because it is the first competition television show about tattoos.The show consists of 10 of the most artistic and creative tattoo artist compete to the end for the grand prize. A prize of a hundred thousand dollars. The show starts with small flash challenges that consist of many things. Things like painting cars to demonstrate how straight they can make a line, or tattooing very small tattoos on people to demonstrate precision. The winner of the flash challenge that demonstrates the best skill of that week then has an advantage for the elimination challenge. This is where the tattoo artist show their skills on a particular theme of that week. They have six hours to finish the tattoo, and then they are judged on it. Sometimes people do not finish, or the canvas cannot handle the pain, or the tattoo goes terribly wrong under pressure. Many things can go wrong. The artist are then critiqued on their tattoos and four will be called back to the judging panel. There’s usually a top artist, and a bottom artist of the group. The artist that had the worst tattoo of the week will be required to pack up and go home. The people who determine this are the three judges Dave Navarro, Chris Nunez, and Oliver Peck. Each all have many tattoos, but only Chris and Oliver are tattoo artist. Like all competition shows, there are many twist throughout the seasons and a big season finale. The season finale of this show usually consists of a tattoo of 18 hours or even more that will be judged in the end.

To view the official Ink Master site click here.


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