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Pulling Away from Tradition

Tattoos have originally been made out of black ink. Then color slowly became another factor into tattoos. Today, our technology has increased greatly to the point where we can create water color tattoos, white ink tattoos, UV (black light) tattoos, and even cosmetic make up.

WATER COLOR TATTOOS have recently become popular in today’s world. These particular tattoos are just like watercolor paintings, except on your skin. Watercolor tattoos unfortunately don’t last as long as traditional ones because the tattoo is made up of light colored shading instead of defined with a black outline.They are beautiful tattoos and will definitely catch your eye.  watercolor-tattoo-21

WHITE INK TATTOOS use a special white ink to make faint marks on someones skin. Many people get these tattoos because they are not as bold as traditional black ink tattoos. They are also very unique and many different things can be done with white ink. White ink tattoos are very hard to spot and almost look like a lace over the skin. These tattoos have many negatives, as they fade easily in the sun, and have a higher chance of becoming infected or giving your skin a reaction.white-ink-foot-tattoo

UV (BLACK LIGHT) TATTOOS use special ink that can be seen under a black light. Some inks will be shown to the eye and some will only be shown under a black light. You can use particular colors and inks to make a very neat tattoo. There are also many negatives to UV tattoos, as they have recently become popular, we don’t know much about them and the inks used. You always have the factor of fading as it ages as well. uv12

COSMETIC TATTOOS are permanent makeup. You can get your eyeliner, lipstick, eyebrows, and many other things tattooed. You need a very skilled artist to do cosmetic tattoos because it is not easy. These types of tattoos are popular because it saves someone from doing their makeup in the morning, or someone who needs to draw in their eyebrows doesn’t have to do it anymore. This is common in both genders.Permanent-Eyeliner-or-Tattooed-eyeliner-–-After-and-Before-Tattooe-Eyeliner-or-Permanent-Eyeliners





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