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Upcoming Tattoos


My design of the celtic cross


Two owl designs I plan on mashing together

I have a lot of ideas for tattoos I would like to get in the future. One of the ideas I have are celtic designs. I am very Irish and my family takes pride in our heritage. The first tattoo idea I have is a celtic cross. My grandma had given me a necklace for Christmas when I was younger and I fell in love with it. I never take it off.  Over this past summer I had drawn up my own personal design of what exact tattoo I want in the future. Another tattoo I have is a celtic owl. The animal has no meaning to me personally except for the fact that I think owls are neat. This idea came from a celtic owl designs I found on the internet. I haven’t found an exact design I liked, but their are two specific designs I found that I would make one owl from different factors from the two designs. I was planning on drawing my design idea after the spring semester once my workload lightened up. I also just recently thought of a neat tattoo design to represent all my close family members. I was planning on getting this one on my thigh. I was imagining a tree with green leaves. This would represent our “family tree.” And I would then make one leaf a different color corresponding to the birthstone of one of my family members. So I would hScreenshot_2015-03-05-16-30-59ave a bunch of green normal leaves with multicolored leaves scattered with each leaf representing someone. I plan on waiting a long time to get any of these tattoos because I feel that I haven’t had enough time to really think this through. I know that I will not get any tattoos on my arms or upper body near the shoulders because I do not want any tattoos to be visible during my wedding. Just my personal preference. Also I obviously wouldn’t want to ruin my chances at a future job for my tattoos as well.


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