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Tommy Montoya

TOMMY MONTOYA is a legendary black and grey tattoo artist. His plan was to go to school to be a doctor, but his creative side told him that tattooing was right for him. He learned to tattoo from his cousin who was just relecarlos-rojas ased from prison. Tommy and his brother each learned the art of tattooing, and used each other to better themselves and be the tattoo artist they are today. Tommy started to become serious about tattooing in 1998 when he got his first machines. He won maybe awards for his creativity. Tommy currently tattoos at Wooster St. Social Club in New York City, and is on a reality documentary called NY Ink. He specializes and portraits and black and white styling. Portrait styling is one of the most difficult styles of tattooing to work with because you have an exact picture of the person you are trying to re-image on someones skin. If you change one aspect of their face, the face will look completely different than the printed picture. Black and grey style is also very difficult, because the tattoo will fade over time and lose its dimensions. It is the artists job to make sure the tattoo is dark enough so it will heal correctly. But just like any legendary artist, TomSW-4my can do anything the client brings to him. He is not just restricted to black and grey and portraits. He excels with color and any other styling of tattooing.  Tommy is featured on the TV show NY Ink.  NY Ink is a reality TV show of Tommy’s tattoo shop. The show goes through the art movement of tattoo artist throughout New York. To be a good tattoo artist you need to please your client. To be a great artist you need to please any client that walks through your shop door, and that is who Tommy is. 





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