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Biggest Regret

Tattoos are permanent, they stay on your skin forever. So what happens if you had a drunken night at the bar only to wake up with an “I love My Little Pony” written on your arm. There are two options. First, you can get it medically removed. I long drawn out process that is very painful. Or, you can get it covered up with a different tattoo.


Your unique tattoo may take as many as two removal sessions, or up to 10 sessions. It depends on color, size, age of the tattoo, color of the patients skin, and whether it was some professionally, or by an ameture. The pain is compared to a splash of greece, or a rubber band snapping against the skin. Laser tattoo removal comes with risks like infections, scarring, or discoloration of the skin. Depending on how many sessions you visit, the higher the price will be.

tattoo_beforeaftertattoo_removal-3Here are two examples of people that have received laser tattoo removal. As you can see, even after a number of treatments, the tattoo has not completely disappeared from the skin.


Another way to get rid of your regretful tattoo is to get it covered up with another tattoo. There are only a few artist that have the skill to cover up a tattoo. You need darker colors in the spots where the previous tattoo is so it won’t show through. The downside of this is that you have to get another tattoo, and after your first mistake, it may not be the best idea to make a commitment to another permanent tattoo. Another negative side effect to cover ups is that you have to get the tattoo in the same place, and it has to be the correct shape to go over the past one. It also has to have dark colors in the places that need covering up the most. Big-Gus-Snake tim-pangburn-octopusHere are two highly talented artist that used amazing skills to cover up two difficult tattoos.





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