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Rebel? Or Be Socially Acceptable?

Tattoos have become very popular. Many people have tattoos, or they either want tattoos. This growing trend is now creating problems in the workplace, since many people would not hire someone with visible tattoos or tattoos in general. My opinion on this issue is that you should not be judged by your appearance. For example, if you have two people going against each other for a job. The first person has tdownloadattoos and piercings, but they excel in what they do, have an amazing work ethic, and are above average at their job. The second person is well dressed, but is only average at what he does and makes a lot of recurring mistake. Which person would you hire? Most employers wouldn’t even interview the first person just because of their outside appearance. This is a very poor policy on employers because they have lost out on a hardworking individual. My take on this perspective, is that no one should be judged on their outside appearance. Tattoos do not change who you are as a person. Just because someone has a tattoo, does not mean their morals have changed, or that they are any less of a person. They are the same hardworking, intelligent individual they were before. Everyone has a way of expressing themselves. Some people may express themselves through tattoos, and that should be socially acceptable. I think one reason many people discriminate against tattoos, is because they have previously been associated with gangs and criminals. But no one has realized that times have changed, and tattoos have become more common than ever. Certain tattoos are worn to remember a great ancestor, or to show their pride for their religions, or even because a certain symbol, or quote means so much to an individual, that they choose to wear it on their skin forever. I do not believe people should looked down upon for any of these reasons for getting tattoos. As the next generation, we need to work towards a better future, where you are not looked down on for getting ink. A future where you can express yourself, and also pursue your dream job at the same time.

If you wanted background information on this issue, here are two articles you can read that are very informative:

Article 1

Article 2


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