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From JAPANESE to English, Irezumi stands for the insertion of ink under the skin to leave a permanent, usually decorative mark. Japanese tattoo style originally emerged as a way to show your social status and spiritual symbols. But as time we on, it became a form of punishment, and a way to recognize criminals. People like criminals, prisoners of war, and slaves were tattooed so they would stand out in society. This practice faded and Japanese tattoos returned to symbolizing protection and devotion and was eventually banned. Many were curious of these Japanese tattoo artists, asking to get tattooed by them, and kept Japanese style alive.

Today, Japanese style is knownt1_Japanese-Tattoos-cherry-blossom for its beautiful style and composition, and for its meaningful designs. There is not one tattoo in Japanese style that does not have a meaning. Different kinds of Japanese tattoos are dragons, koi fish, phoenix, tiger, lion (fu-dog), snakes, skulls, flowers, oni masks, cherry bosoms, and waves. Each of these tattoos have a deep meaning behind it and symbolizes something. For example, the Oni masks means good and evil, protectors, tricksters, and demons. If you got a snake, your tattoo would represent protection, wisdom, good luck, strength, and change. The snake also symbolizes Divine Feminine, also known is the holy female attributes. Koi tattoos represent determination, strength, courage, and desire for success. The Koi fish represents strength and bravery for the way they swam upstream against the water. If you want to read more on what the previously stated Japanese tattoos mean, click here. These are also not the only Japanese tattoos that exist, there are many more. If you are interested in seeing a wide variety of all the different types of Japanese tattoos there are, click here.

JAPANESE STYLE TATTOO has been around for many and many of years. Starting as spiritual symbols moving into a way of identifying criminals. It is a well known style in our modern world. The most interesting part of Japanese style is that every design symbolizes something different, so if you are interested in Japanese, make sure you know what it symbolizes before getting permanently inking it on your body!





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