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My Side of the Story

I currently have two tattoos. My first tattoo is a claddagh. This is a very important symbol to my family. I am very Irish and we are all very proud of it. When I was younger, my grandma bought me my first claddagh ring. The ring consist of hands, a heart and a crown. It symbolizes friendship (hands), love (heart), and loyalty (crown). You wear the ring with the heart facing towards you if you are taken, and out if you are available. I got this tattoo on my left hiScreenshot_2015-02-17-15-14-42-1-1p, because that is the easiest place to hide it during important days such as job interviews, or ceremonies. My favorite of the two tattoos, is the one I had just recently gotten this past fall. The tattoo is made up of the side view of an angel wings, and the numbers “14324” below it. This tattoo was for my grandma, who I am very close to. She had always called me ‘her little angel’ which is what the angel wing symbolizes. The numbers symbolize a secret code between my grandma and I. When I was younger, my grandma had always wrote 143 at the end of all of my cousin and I’s birthday cards and such. The 143 means “I love you” because their is one letter in ‘I’, four letters in ‘love’ and so on. Over the years, my older cousins each added numbers onto the 143, making their secret code special. As I grew older, I added the numbers “24” to mine. The 24 convert to ‘so much’. So my final secret code to my grandma was 14324, converting to “I love you so much.” I got this tattoo on my ribs, because then my grandma will always be by my side. My tattoos mean a lot to me and I do not regret them one bit. They represent who I am.

If you would like to read more on the Irish claddagh symbol click here.


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