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Swallows and Daggers

TRADITIONAL STYLE tattoos can be traced back all the way to the 1700’s, but it wasn’t until the 1900’s traditional tattoos emerged into the western world. These particular tattoos originated with sailors, getting tattoos to symbolize their experiences and achievements, and to represent themselves. Traditional tattoos originate to a particular sailor, named Sailor Jerry. Throughout the years, the traditional style was broken up into old school style and transformed into new school style.

OLD SCHOOL TRADITIONAL STYLE tattoos use bold and bright colors with black bold outlines. e9f01d0fb6087d1c2a49eaba618717abThe most common old school tattoos are anchors,eagles, daggers, roses, pin ups,and many more. Each of these tattoos symbolize something different. A person with an anchor tattoo commonly means that person achieved the rank of Boatswain or Chief. While swallows represent each increment of 5,000 miles sailed.When you see someone with a golden dragon, it means the sailor has crossed the International Date Line.8e2976f6df359fff6d3a1784094a07e6 These tattoos are also commonly paired with flash tattoos. Flash tattoos are quick, small tattoos grouped on one page together. Many people will get a bunch of these small flash tattoos, to make a collage on their arm or any other part of their body.

NEW SCHOOL TRADITIONAL STYLE tattoos emerged in the 1970’s. Also known as neo traditional, these tattoos are different from old school style by the way the tattoo artist use bold and vivid colors. Like old style, new school is also associated with flash tattoos as well. They also useSebastianWeb-Ready heavy bold outlines. This new school style of tattooing can be describes as to being similar to cartoons, or graffiti art. The tattoo artist exaggerate the subject, making it not as realistic as the old style. New school traditional veers away from a traditional tattoo in the way of the unique ideas and freestyle used in the individual tattoos.



Old school swallow on the left, new school swallow on the right


Old school dagger on the left, new school dagger on the right





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